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velvet tiny globe

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"Velvet tiny globe"

There is a year from "Light Court", the 3rd album of Firo is more elegant , soft touch, natural and rich sound. Firo says----"My music is like a tiny globe." He had created precise and beautiful tiny globes like sophisticated hard steel, and his next, new "globes" is more soft touch,----- like a Velvet.

firo03.jpgIncluding guitar and vocal sample of himself,Firo performs his rich and hi-fi sound in this wonderful new album.Not only electronica,this new album "Velvet tiny globe" has also rich flavors of Jazz,rock,even soul music.

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Track list

01.TouchSample MP3
02.Brown orchidSample MP3
03.Sea amber
04.Beyond the waterfallSample MP3
05.Write on papyrus
06.Tell me what you see Sample MP3
07.Marmalade groove
08.Fruits of thought

Sample MP3mp3 sample