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Coupie x Ozone Tamaki "yuragi"

Coupie composed the 10 sound tracks for the works of Ozone Tamaki.

Fluctuating rhythms,lapping waves,gentle breezes and wood grain,and the sight scapes and sound scapes spreading beyond…Coupie composed the 10 acostic ambient soundtracks for the works of Ozone Tamaki, including "yuragi" and "shakkei" presented on Kobe Art Festival 2017.

Ozone Tamaki HP : http://mokumetachi.jimdo.com

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Track list

01 fluctuation
02 fluctuation (seque)
03 evening waves
04 in the dusk
05 blessed rain 
06 waver
07 flutter
08 city of dawn
09 recursion
10 twilight

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