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"Polyrhythm_system Exclusive Messsage"

This is the first full-length album of Ken'ichi Itoi, who has often been credited as the most influential artist of the ambient scene in Kyoto, Japan. He became famous for his live sets at the Enryakuji temple as well as the Main Temple in Kyoto city. He also toured Japan with many techno artists such as Monolake and Raster Norton. Featuring remixes by Takashi Ishikawa (snoweffect) and So Takahashi (carpark)

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"PsysEx latest album journeys deep into the modern digital Japanese soundscape, and for those lucky enough to hear this record, it's a beautifuland rewarding adventure..."

[Nick Luscombe(X-FM/LONDON))]

Track List

01 patchware#424_ii
  *~original phrase mix
02 patchware#417Sample MP3
03 patchware#423
04 patchware#401
05 patchware#416
06 patchware#408
07 patchware#401**
  ~patchware and pitchtapeSample MP3
08 patchware#405_ii(reoperate)
09 patchware#424
10 patchware#421
11 patchware#405Sample MP3
12 patchware#415
13 patchware#413
*remixed by Takafumi Ishikawa (snoweffect)
**remixed by So Takahashi (carpark)

Sample MP3:sample mp3