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rustic physiocrat

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"rustic physiocrat"

"rustic physiocrat " is snoweffect's second album. Renowned for music from Moichi Kuwahara's famous radio program "Snakeman Show S21" and Inter FM's "Comedy Club King plus Ryoondo's production team of young artists such as Heprcam, Oriental Homeward, Firo,and Oto-graph; the concept of "rustic physiocrat" is based upon "rustic life". snoweffect recorded this album at various locations around Japan. At Osawa Onsen (hot spring) Sanatorium in Hanamaki Iwate in the north east, in eclectic cafes around Kyoto Japan's city of shrines and temples and in Kichijoji, an exciting satellite city of Tokyo. Yet the "rustic life" could even be experienced in Tokyo metropolis -- Electronics and rustic life, Onsen in the snow with electronic physiocracy.

(Includes the special remix by Ex.Fantastic Plastic Machine's Toshiyuki Yasuda)

photography:Jimmie Wing

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"Little by little, it seems snoweffect have begun to create a Japanese originality unable to be simulated by any others. Very 'dangerous' music which causes us to be mindful and vigilante for world peace."

[Moichi Kuwahara (Club King)]

Track list

01. physiotronicaSample MP3
02. six circles and a swordSample MP3
03. PS2
04. snow flakesSample MP3
05. rice field and waterfall
06. a long passageSample MP3
07. snowfall on jis_eve
08. on cent lette aux
09. evening cool(bayside radio station)Sample MP3
10. round midnight
11. a man stole the sun
12. over the horizon
13. snow flakes(Toshiyuki Yasuda remix)

Sample MP3:MP3 sample