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the best of ryoondo-tea

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the best of ryoondo-tea

■the best selection from the all released albums of ryoondo-tea
■including many new mix and bonus tracks
■including newest tune taken from the next new album of PsysEx!!

including special mix of: PsysEx"#417"re-edit ver,Oto-graph "kingyo" soda pop mix, snoweffect"physiotronica" extended playing,and in addition to ,Oriental Homeward" a thaw and a cloud " and snoweffect+Firo's co-production " the Knowledge" the theme from the onterational forum TKF 2005.



investiages the structures of music, synthesis, and software by programming ideas which introduce new synthesis theories and abnormal operation. The result is a very fragmented and "broken" sounding hybrid of minimalism and techno. Sharp rhythms and strange melodic hooks constructed with tuned, but non-harmonic, sounds. Itoi, based in Kyoto, Japan, founded the experimental electronic label Shrine that fosters many young experimental artists in Kyoto, and released 10 CD-R, and one 12 inch himself. In addition to the creation of his stark form of techno, Itoi offers an energetic live set and organizes many events throughout Kyoto. In 2005 Feb.23,new album "Polyrhythm_system Exclusive Message iii" released from daisyworld discs.
#462 (*新曲)
#417_ii (re-edit)
『polyrhythm_system exclusive messege』


Takafumi Ishikawa,Masaaki Takemura,KenIchiro Hoshi.1st album『Desktop Caffeine』releaced in 2001,played at Japanese pop music festival in New York in 2002. They create many music works for famous Japanese radio proglam "snakeman show",and Nintendo's game soft "GIFTPIA"(nintendo),call-signal-with-melodies warehouse project with"comedy club king"(club king) . and snoweffect is as known as produce team of ryoondo-tea,Firo(by KenIchiro Hoshi),heprcam(by Takemura and hoshi),Oriental homeward(Ishikawa and Hoshi) and Oto-graph(by KenIchiro hoshi) are their produce.On Feb 2005,new album "rustic physiocrat" is released.
physiotronica (extended play) 『rustic physiocrat』
deep around(spillover) 『desktop caffeine』


A solo project by Hiroyuki Tsukakoshi. By sampling sounds of his environment, combining it with live musical instruments and elements that are purely created on the laptop, Hiroyuki Tsukakoshi creates this precise and elevating music. Through the high influence of other computer-generated music styles of today, he feels that his body and his computer act as a filter that the gathered impressions pass through. His arranging, editing and concentrating of often conflicting and accidental noises form a harmony that we can then find familiar. Hiroyuki Tsukakoshi is part of a collective of leading Japanese Ambient music artists featured on the Water Green compilation on the Ryoondo-tea label. His live performance at the party at the famous ancient Honen-in temple in Kyoto in August 2003 was unforgettable.
Migratory birds 『Light Court』
SwNH 『paddle』


started from spring 2002. floating voice in sounds...... ambient-experimantal torio plays inorganic,electronic sounds ,but their music have warm templature.  heprcam recorded in "water green"(ryoondo-tea DES014) in July 2003. and after they started recording. heprcam plays in SAKURACHiLLOUT@Kyoto Hosomi museum and in April 2004.
untitled #1 『COHCOX』

Oriental Homeward

A solo project by Miki Kuwabara.He positively approaches to western classic music and make up a beautyful oriental soundscape full of coolness. Oriental homeward,his music made up by a only nomal synthesizer, and symply produce his beautiful melody and harmony. In Jan 2002、he took part in the compilation Fuzzy Boombox v.1 of Fuzzy Box(US),in July 2003 water green(ryoondo-tea),in August 『warm seeds』(FORM@RECORDS),and clubking's "sound dictionary tote".
stera di mare 『camland』
a thaw and a cloud (Standard playing) (*special track)


Merging visuals with sound, Oto-graph are Takashi Iura and Sachiyo Oshima, a very talented duo from Kyoto. The group builds elaborate layers of harmonious and compelling audio that when blended with visuals, transform space into an ultimate sensory experience.
kingyo(soda pop mix) 『from shine』


Started as plot. from 2002. Sep.2003,teke part in the compilation of tar100mg records"TARPOP2"(other artists:.tape.,greg davis,sora,lullatone,etc). Including yume to nikki is selected as TV CM song of brand of EDWIN "something.
rwunnhsa.htg 『memorandum』

Track list

01.introduction~into the forest of patchware
02.#462 /PsysEx
03.physiotronica (Extended Play)
04.untitled #1Sample MP3 / heprcam
05. Migratory birdsSample MP3 / Firo
06.kingyo (soda pop mix) Sample MP3 /Oto-graph
07.#417_iiSample MP3 /PsysEx
08.rwunnhsa.htg /plot.
09.stella di mareSample MP3 /Oriental Homeward
10. SwNH /Firo
11. deep around(spillover) /snoweffect
12.the forest of patchware "Tokyo to Kyoto"
~Bonus tracks~
13. The Knowledge(Extended mix) /Firo+snoweffect
14. a thaw and a cloud (Standard Playing Phonograph) /Oriental Homeward

Sample MP3sample mp3