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Ryoondo-tea introduce new artist soma hayato and the 1st piece from his tetralogy ------"hop".

hopCold and warm,
something is moving up,
spring comes to our world little by little.
We ryoondo-tea introduce new artist soma hayato and his tetralogy theme is changing season and soft delusion, and our new line will start from his first piece of it.
Already he started his sparkle action as released from Cold Fiction Music(US),and playing on "electronic evening 2015" at Honen-in temple KYOTO, and the soundtrack for the stories of SIONE "HARE series" and "KYO-YASAI series".
His electronic music blessed with both taste of some kind of Zen and soft delusion. .

conifer windThe new line up of ryoondo-tea release exclusive for iTunes store. In the digital age of music vs. the analog world of radio of our childhood, we need to redefine the meaning of an album release and a single release. Our label wants to celebrate each single wholeheartedly and release each separately on iTunes and until it culminates with the release of the entire CD album.

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01.hop 250