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lilly of valley

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"Lilly of Valley"

1st release of the unit "Enyakayakayaka Boo", guitarist Tadanao Matsumura with mountain priest monk Daizaburo Sakamoto.

Lilly of Valley The Guitarist Tadanao Matsumura--And his homeland ,sea and islands, woods, animals of Hokuriku Japan. And His talent which generate from this rich and plentiful nature plays beautiful melody.And Daizaburo Sakamoto resonance and play with sympathetic vibration.
"Lily of the valley"--- A mysterious song from delicate feelings from the nature of his homeland.

Featuring Kazuya Matsumoto as Drums,and Love Attack Eve as Vocals. coupling with the song "Enyakayakayaka Boo" taken from the Onsen compilation album "Over Flow pH3.0"

{{OYThe new line up of ryoondo-tea release exclusive for iTunes store. In the digital age of music vs. the analog world of radio of our childhood, we need to redefine the meaning of an album release and a single release. Our label wants to celebrate each single wholeheartedly and release each separately on iTunes and until it culminates with the release of the entire CD album.

Enyakayakayaka-Boo profile

Distributed by Toshiyuki Yasuda (MEGADOLLY)


Track list

01.Enyakayakayaka Boo
02.Lily of the Valley