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Jai Machine
"Happy life in my submarine"

By Nerve from Antennasia, Yukki from Coupie, and "King of fat-rich gourmet in Sendai City"-Jai

From Sendai, we proudly introduce this super unit ---Jai Machine.

It has been 3years since the release of their last album "Let's Machine" from Shrine.jp, produced by Ken'ichi Itoi. They were diving into the deep waters of the experimental music scene, and now float back up inside their latest single release: Jai Machine ”Happy Life in my Submarine".

After "Let's Machine", Super Unit in Sendai City, Jai Machine releases a brand new single "Happy life in my Submarine" on iTunes!

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Generous,rich,and abnormal-----It's my first impression.
What would mean "rich" in terms of electronic music is it would be a lot of musical backgrounds, and plentiful quotations. The approach of Vocals,tones of rhythm sections,tracks with frequent using structure which jeopardize tonality…these each points symbolize some kind of old fashioned, and they get it generous and unaffectedly,good taste,so maniac,I think they are not anybody.The artwork looks like a jacket of 80's disco, that is abnomally nice!

「大らかで、豊かにして、変態」というのが、一聴した感想。 電子音楽で「豊か」というのが何を指すかと言えば、音楽的バックグラウンド、引き出しの多さであろう。ボーカルのアプローチ、リズム隊の音色、調性を危うくするストラクチャを多用したトラックメイク、と、それぞれが象徴する幾つかの時代性を嫌味なく大らかに纏め上げたセンスとその偏執具合は只者ではない。一見80’sディスコのジャケの様なアートワークもよく見ると結構変態チックでナイス!

[Tatsuji Kimura(dip in the pool)]

Really interesting pieces of music.
Contemporary with flirts to indie, UK basements and boogie vibes.Great work! The singing works really well.

[Embee( Looptroop Rockers) ]

Track list

01.Happy life in my submarine
02.I can go for Submarine
(describing what I see)