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snow on the lidge

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"Snow on the ridge"

ryoondo-tea created music for the hotel New opened in Kyoto, Mitsui Garden Hotel KYOTO Kawaramachi Jokioji. As Coniferwind project by Ken'ichi Itoi and KenIchiro Hoshi,specialize for compose ambient music for Kyoto.with the image of every seasons . At First,We release the music for the robby in the morning and evening for the winter by KenichiItoi.photograph,Album artwork is by Shiori Iwakura.

Ken'ichi Itoi Ken'ichi Itoi

As known as "PsysEx",Ken'ichi Itoi has released his works and his theme is polyrhythm.As known as released from Haruomi Hosono's Daisyworlddiscs(AVEX) , colaborate works with ATOMTM,ALVANOTO,OVAL.And he co-starring live act on Kyoto with various label for example CLUSTER,APHEXTWIN,RICHIEHAWTIN,SKETCH SHOW, mille-plateaux,raster-noton12k .....And he play live act in famous temple like Enryakuji,Chion-in,and Honen-in,Daikakuji temple. and replesentative of ryoondo-tea with KenIchiro Hoshi,His conception is spred to Musics for new space,and mixture with the local tradition of Japanese country side.

des056s.png Yukihiko Yotsukura(Coupie)

Yukihiko Yotsukura is a musician based in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture. His work is created in pursuit of the concept of "Hare to Ke” — a traditional Japanese world-view of unique occurrences with common everyday ones and their interrelationships with space and time. Simultaneously, as an active member of some of the fascinating local folk entertainment groups that emerged after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake (such as the Kurofune no Date Taiko a traditional drumming group from Ogatsu town, and the Dobayshi Lion Dancers), he continues to study the expressions brought up by the people of the land and their daily lives. He gave a spirited and rousing Taiko drumming performance at the 2015 Milan International Exposition.
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Junya_Yanagidaira Junya Yanagidaira(ironomi)

Born in Nagano,1984. Started lesson of piano at 7 yeas old, From 2004 He started composition piano pieces, He wrote and play with various artists for pictures, movies, short film, contemporary dance.
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Track list


01. 淡雪 Lα Neige Légère
02.寒月 Lα Lune Clair