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Brilliant, calm, and gentle. The fruits of their colours of seasons, their debut album comes back as remastered-"iromomi"(remastered) DESR031 just new released on iTunes Store/Apple Music.


piano,acostic guitar, and laptop....
We introduce young and new unit "ironomi" by Junya Yanagidaira and Yu Isobe. The conception is "sound of four seasons "
The soundscape of their music give us the feeling of listining something in the air in the calm forest. The simple artform of piano and guitar with electronic onkyo ambience make us the sense of wonderful seasons.

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Track list

01.閑森 sizumori
02.桜灯 ohtou
03.霧時雨 kirishigure
04.虹 niji
05.花 hanabi
06.彩夏 ayaka
07.蟲木 mushigi
08.想架 omokage
09.夜想1-I Nocturne1-I
10.夜想1-II Nocturne1-II
11.夜想1-III Nocturne1-II
12.日だまり Hidamari

sample here