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electronic evening 2022

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electronic evening 2022

electronic evening2022 Hearing sounds, floating scent, taste of sweets and tea, and heat and coolness of the end of summer....
We present "electronic evening2022" at Honenin-temple in KYOTO. In this year,we have more focus on the ability of "tea ceremony by sound",and featuring tea ceremony by the tea master Fukutaro Nakayama.

Live act:
Yukikihiko Yotsukura
Masahiko takeda+Kohsetsu Imanishi

motion graphics and installation:OTOGRAPH
Sagar Patel

teamaster:Fukutaro Nakayama

As online ticket, we send you the tea box including tea confectionery of Hosen,and green tea of the oldest tea shop in Kyoto Tsuen, inscense of lisn,and Japanese traditional candle of Daiyo. You can enjoy same situation at the electronic evening on Honen-in temple. And as first trial in this year, we prepare LITE package of the box too.

electronic evening2022 online tea box

electronic evening2022 online tea box

electronic evening2022 online tea box

ticket here

electronic evening 2022

2022.Aug.27(Sat) 18:00-20:30
Honenin temple Kyoto

online tea box:¥4,000(with)
online tea box LITE:¥2,000(with)


Masahiko Takeda
Yukihiko Yotsukura

motion graphics and installation :OTOGRAPH
Sagar Patel

teamaster:Fukutaro Nakayama

online tea box including:--------------------------------

・confectionery by Hosen
・5g package Macha/greentea by Tsuen
・5 insence by lisn
・1 Japanese traditional candle by Daiyo
・20P B6 panflet


place:Honen-in temple
date:Aug.27(Sat) 18:00 OPEN/START
online tea-box:¥4,000
online tea-box LITE:¥2,000

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