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soma hayato soma hayato started his works of making electronic music from 2007. In 2012,He took part in the compilation album of "on sunday recordings"(JP) by his piece "Haru wo matsu Curry rice(Curry and rice wait for the Spring)".
In 2014 he released album "made in bebe." from Cold Fiction Music(US). After this release, He played various live performance at the night club,live house,gallery,and outdoor festival.

In2015,he played at ryoondo-tea's "electronic evening 2015" at Honen-in temple,KYOTO.
In 2016,He composed the two sound tracks for the stories of SIONE(ceramic brand in KYOTO) HARE series and KYO-YASAI series,and played the role in charge as one of the composing team of ryoondo-tea.

Based on all kind of the music influence him, and he is trying to compose the melody or rhythm inspired from "Fluctuations,Colors,Light"----the colors,or landscapes in his everyday life, and trying to evokes a soft and nostalgic feelings.

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ˆ’²ƒ–’J “V

Live:Nakzim and and end und(o)
Staytone+Takashi Masubuchi
soma hayato+noie
Ras meal

12/30 18:00-
shrine.jp 20th Anniversary Tour in Tokyo
Grand Tour Final!
adv. 2,500-(with out 1d.)(—\)
door 3,000-(with out 1d.)(—\)

hakobune v.s. meta-friend
Ken'ichi Itoi
Mayuko Hino
soma hayato suzukiiiiiiiiii x youpy


soma hayato/Soft Delusion

soma hayato
"Soft Delusion"

DES043 ¥900
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soma hayato

DES043 ¥250
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soma hayato

DES043 ¥250@
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soma hayato

DES043 ¥250
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