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tender grain

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"Tender grain"

firo03.jpg "Tender grain" A whole new world of Firo: During the Japanese Onsen Chillout project "Narukyo" and "Shibukyo", Firo had various electronic music sessions with different people from the local community. He developed and reached out creating his own new frontier in electronic music. Tender Grain will be released this summer.

Invited for special guest appearances, Tetsuroh Konishi (Tp) renowned support player with Why sheep? and Gen Hoshikawa from Dry River String for vocals plus Cobi from Coupie, Nao for chorus. Shining particles of sounds and positivity, fragments of shining music he discovered in many areas around Japan.
Including "Our small room I", the official music of international convention for Solar Frontier.

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The feerings intertwined the time and place.It may be because I listened these songs of this album at first time at live performance at shibu-ONSEN , where is as if time-sliped hotsprings ,neither PC nor CD. He had communicated with various people various occupation and various age at the projecs of Onsen hotsprings. This album including his stories he investigated these communication and found an "old farmer "in himself. I think this unselfish and tender atmosphere of this album is the tender unselfish smile of Firo himself.(TOSHIYUKI YASUDA)

The sophiscated beautiful sounds,
Shining pop sense in calmness,
I feel A tender silver lining from his tender music,it must be not only me .(nik/PROGRESSIVE FOrM)

This very masterpiece deserves to the name of ryoondo-tea.
"Cool_Biz"campaign is not bad, but I think "Tender grain" surely make your office cool at sensible temperature..
(m.Inoue/"SO-EN magazine")

Track list

01.Silver linningSample MP3
02.Halcyon days
05.Seed timeSample MP3
06.Our Small room I
08.Our Small room II
09.Landscape with a barn
10.British coast
11.An old farmer's taleSample MP3

Sample MP3mp3 sample