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fjordne FJORDNE is the solo project of FjS, better known as the programmer of the electronic pop band, fhenomina. He makes music based on two concepts, "sound texture" and "twisted time". He makes music using all kinds of acoustic instruments he can get and using a computer to transform them into a new time span.

Dec.2007,full album hUnmovingh released from U-coveriBelgiumj
Jun.2008, hThe Last 3 Days of Timeh released from dynamophone(US)
Apr.2008. as fhenomina, hfound a new store just around the corner" released from Novel SoundsiJapanj

Other Works


found a new store just around the corner
novel sounds

live info

¡5/2 aspidistrafly Japan Tour

2009/05/02(sat) at Super-Deluxe (Tokyo)
OPEN 19:00 START 19:30
adv. 2,500 yen / door. 3,000 yen (plus drink)
presented by CMFLG

Live :
aspidistrafly (Kitchen. / from Singapore ) ~ haruka nakamura
Fort Wayne
Soul Tune Factory

DJ : morrissy (CHIMERA/Rallye)

Released CD

Over Flow pH:2.0

"Over Flow pH:2.0"
DES035 ¥2,600
03.dazing away^FJORDNE
Link to more information 

Stories Apart frlm the world

"Stories Apart from the World"
DES034 ¥2,300
Link to more information