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ONSEN chill-out album "Over Flow pH:2.0"

ryoondo-tea presents ONSEN chillout "Over flow pH2.0". The main theme is the live recordings of the event, "Narukyo" at Narugo hotsprings, in May 2008 , including the live recording with the dance performance of Shigeya Mori during rice planting, and the Live act of Japanese traditional folk song singer Tamio Sato with Yoshihiro Sawasaki, etc... including some experimental live recording at Onsen chillout.

Artist:Tamio Sato(Japanese traditional folk song) ,Yoshihiro Sawasaki,Coupie,FJORDNE,ironomi,Firo,PsysEx,heprcam,


featuring:Tamio Sato

Tamio Sato Born in 1924, He take part in debut at colaborate as Japanese traditional minyo vocalist in compilation album "Over Flow".

Naturally GushingiYoshihiro Sawasakij

Yoshihiro Sawasaki A Kyoto native Japanese techno/dance artist Yoshihiro Sawasaki has started his musical career in 1993 as "TECHNO THE GONG", in the concept of making the sound of French progressive band: GONG into the techno music. In 1994,his friend and one of the most famous Japanese techno artist Ken Ishii has recommended Yoshihiro to send the demo tape to R&S Records (Belgium) and it was soon released from Apollo/ R&S as a self-titled single"MeditationYS". He sometimes goes out around the world as DJ, and appears on the internet radio program titled "RADI@" and sometaimes TV, and writes columns of many magazines. His multiple talentives lead hectic schedules and goes across the globe !


PsysExInvestigator of the structure of music,synthesis,technology. By patching idea which introduce next synthesis theory and [abnormal] operation, he constructs unique music with original rythm and sound of next generation. PsysEx presides the experimental electronica label SHRINE which leads Kyoto. He is now fosters many young experimental artists in Kyoto. PsysEx does many front acts of foreign artist's japanese tours, and also himself organizes various events and introduces experimental artists. He is acting not only staying in clubs and art spaces, but also he performed for example in special visit at Enryaku-ji temple in Hiei mountain in 1998 as boasted ambient unit. In automun 2001 invited to ambient live at Chion-in(Joudo-syu souhonzan), he was high respected from both of publishing media/music scene and temple side, performanced colourfully by dignified electronic sound in front of the temple gate which is a national treasure.
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fjordne FJORDNE is the solo project of FjS, better known as the programmer of the electronic pop band, fhenomina. He makes music based on two concepts, "sound texture" and "twisted time". He makes music using all kinds of acoustic instruments he can get and using a computer to transform them into a new time span.


FiroFiro: A solo project by Hiroyuki Tsukakoshi. By sampling sounds of his environment, combining it with live musical instruments and elements that are purely created on the laptop, Hiroyuki Tsukakoshi creates this precise and elevating music. Through the high influence of other computer-generated music styles of today, he feels that his body and his computer act as a filter that the gathered impressions pass through. His arranging, editing and concentrating of often conflicting and accidental noises form a harmony that we can then find familiar.
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hepricumstarted from spring 2002. floating voice in sounds...... ambient-experimantal torio plays inorganic,electronic sounds ,but their music have warm templature.@B
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ironomiJunya Yanagidaira and Yu Isobe. "iro-no-mi" means Fruit of colour on Japanese. So they try to play "Japanese four seasons's fruits of colours" by simple formation of electronic ambience with acoustic sounds of piano and guitar.
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ƒAƒ‰ƒQƒzƒ“ƒWJapanese folk song unit of Masafumi Saito.After his appearance to corus group"Pecombo" and club jazz unit"estrangeiro",back to the folk music of Akita,and he make theme with music of Noth-eastern Japan,his origin.


ambient duo by yukki with Cobie.
electric guitar and acoustic guitar,voice,breath,poem reading ,picture bookand talking.
A flexible softly ambience
Nonverbal conversations yukki and Cobie.

Track list

01.prologue ` The Forest of Patchware "Over Flow"pH:2.0/PsysEx+snoweffect+Firo
02.at the station^ironomi
03.dazing away^FJORDNE
04.Nanbu Ushioi Onsen /Yoshihiro Sawasaki feat.Tamio SatoSample MP3
05.Silver lining^Firo
06.retto yu meguri oto meguri
08.Mahiru no yume(live at rice fieldj^ARAGEHONJISample MP3
09.hand island^heprcam
11.KOKESHI session"pH:2.0"^Seiichi Okazaki{PsysEx+snoweffect+Firo+COUPIE{Yoshihiro Sawasaki
12.Tamagoya_scape^Firo+ironomi feat.Takeshi Miyamoto
13.Nanbu ushioiuta^ironomi feat.Tamio SatoSample MP3
14.gotenyu station^PsysEx+snoweffect+Firo+COUPIESample MP3
15. epilogue "Over Flow"pH:2.0

Sample MP3mp3 sample