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Desktop Caffeine


"Desktop Caffeine"

The masterpiece and very first album of snoweffect premieres with an exotic sightseeing into ambient. It’s Powerbook meets spiritual ceremony. A wide array of impressions take the listener to a journey through a snowy field in the mountains, back to a summer night around the temples of Kyoto, and into the future of electric Neo Tokyo in the 21st century. One of the most precious tracks - called "icicle" – later became the soundtrack for Nintendo’s popular videogame "GIFTPIA" (BMG). This album also features remixes by DJ AGAIN (Riow Arai).

snoweffect plofile

Track List

01 icicle
02 2 hours before
03 caffeine free
04 plasticsnow
05 deep around (spillover)
06 bien parde la conscience v1.5
07 image (24years before)
08 bamboo grove
09 Kara strait (trans arctic)
10 air lounge
11 lEavinGs
12 Linus*
*remixed by Riow Arai