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Takafumi Ishikawa,Masaaki Takemura,KenIchiro Hoshi.1st album『Desktop Caffeine』releaced in 2001,played at Japanese pop music festival in New York in 2002.

They create many music works for famous Japanese radio proglam "snakeman show",and Nintendo's game soft "GIFTPIA"(nintendo),call-signal-with-melodies warehouse project with"comedy club king"(club king) .

and snoweffect is as known as produce team of ryoondo-tea,Firo(by KenIchiro Hoshi),heprcam(by Takemura and hoshi),Oriental homeward(Ishikawa and Hoshi) and Oto-graph(by KenIchiro hoshi) are their produce.On Feb 2005,new album "rustic physiocrat" is released.

Takafumi Ishikawa

saxophone player,composer. He is well known as saxphone player at world's end girlfriend(noble) or many other sessions. Ishikawa plays important part as sound engineer in snoweffect. As known as recording project "BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS" with Kazumasa Hashimoto from 2000.

Masaaki Takemura (a.k.a. cinq)

As his solo project cinq ,he released 1st album sketch (MIDI/noble CXCA-1094) in 2001. well known as a guiterist from his eary days in Kyoto, he took part in many sessions like Kazumi Nikaido or Nishiyama Hirono's gootefolk (daysyworld discs).

KenIchiro Hoshi

leader and producer of snoweffect. A lot of ideas of ryoondo-tea is based on his conception. Sometime as an artist, sometime as a publisher, KenIchiro had worked in the lot of scene of Japanese techno or ambient since 1995. Producer of the rabel and the radio proglam. rabel representive of ryoondo-tea.

Other Works

green recordsの新企画webコンピレーションにcinqと供に参加
green recordsのwebコンピ企画でcinqとsnoweffectが参加。1曲300円で発売中。参加者はサワサキヨシヒロ、などなど。

Nintendo : Giftpia
Nintendo's Game Cube soft "GIFTPIA" including "icicle"
It exhibit on E3(Electronic Entertaimant Expo).DJ on South tropical island plays snoweffect.They broadcast on Nintendo GIFTPIAShima-radio Nanashi broadcasing

Ssound dictionary toteClubKing : soundtote (CD-2003A)
With Firo and PsysEx, who also performed at the Honen-in temple, he collaborates on Tokyo Club King's experimental sound project Sound-tote.

スネークマンショーシリーズ集大成『war & peace』に続き、コメディクラブキングのベスト盤『スーベニア』が発売。リョウ・アライと共にスノーエフェクトも2曲収録。

War and PeaceComedy ClubKing : War and Peace (CCKING-001)
コメディクラブキングの傑作コントBGMに「piano piece1」とコントメドレーその名も「snoweffect」収録。実は『war& Peace』のラジオ向けCMソングもスノーエフェクト。

Released CD

invisible gardens

"invisible gardens"
DES028 ¥2,600
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rustic physiocrat

"rustic physiocrat"
DES020 ¥2,600
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Desktop Caffein

"Desktop Caffeine"
DES013 ¥2,800
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Over Flow

"Over flow"
DES030 ¥2,600
including:01.the forest of patchware "Over flow"(with PsysEx,Firo)
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electronic evening

"electronic evening"
DES026 ¥2,600
10.snowfall on Jis_eve
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the best of ryoondo-tea

"the best of ryoondo-tea"
DES023 ¥2,600
including:03.physiotronica(extend play), 10.deep around, 13.The Knowledge(with Firo)
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Water green

"Water Green"
DES015 ¥2,600
07.evening cool 収録
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Caffeine free.ep

"Caffeine free.ep"
DES011 ¥1,280
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