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Hiroyuki Tsukakoshi is part of a collective of leading Japanese Ambient music artists featured on the Water Green compilation on the Ryoondo-tea label. His live performance at the party at the famous ancient Honen-in temple in Kyoto in August 2003 was unforgettable. With snoweffect and PsysEx, who also performed at the Honen-in temple, he collaborates on Tokyo Club King's experimental sound project Sound-tote.

He has been called the most important person of the Japanease Electronica scene.

Firo plofile


The world of "Firo" is melodic bubbles that find their way into the ear and comfortably materializes space among colorless and blurred sound waves.

[ Ryoichi Kurokawa (PROGRESSIVE FOrM) ]

My favorites tracks are 2, 5, and 8. Please listen this album of Firo, and feel good!


Firo produces a precise sound kneaded with warm and cold parts of temper. The album echoes in the mind even if you listen to it many times. Everyone should listen! --

[ Kazumasa Hashimoto (plop) ]

A sequence of sound that let's time flow freely. Each element is impervious, creating an electronica at it's best. This gifted newcomer has a wide array of ambiences, the high technical knowledge of composed waves forms, and a sense of an artist who can arrange the asserted music minimally with the ease of a child. Even the many experimental and complicated journeys never leave us lost or make one feel uncomfortable. They refresh and enlighten our senses. The best choice for record junkies this year!

[ PsysEx (Ken'ichi Itoi (12k),ryoondo-tea,shrine) ]

Firo, what does this name mean? I played the CD asking myself the nonsense question, then I found a peacefully quite and beautiful harmony.Somehow Japanese, and like a wind-bell. It was clear but not fragrant; a high-quality ambience. I felt that indeed the meaning was understood, and my spirits rose calm.

[ evala (port) ]

When Hiroyuki Tsukakoshi installs a Powerbook G4 on a traditional Japanese table at the Honen-in temple in Kyoto, he creates drops of sound that melt into the surrounding yard. This electronic music behaves like a Japanese garden arrangement, in which the power of expression is stronger than the material image, and absence becomes comprehensiveness. The sound found on Firo made us notice this very simple effect. It elevates us to the wonderful feeling where music becomes invisible. An excellent piece that we would describe as "transparent music", and that we all recommend with confidence.

[ KenIchiro Hoshi (snoweffect) ]

Track list

01.One of ThoseSample MP3
04.Blue Lotus park
05. SwNHSample MP3
07.ID-ideaSample MP3
08.Open meadow
10.stereotape(#505_ii) PsysEx Remix

Sample MP3sample mp3

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名曲 "stereotape" 別ミックス+未発表曲に加え、ジャケットをはじめFiroのヴィジュアル全般を手掛ける東京食堂の金澤健二監督によるビデオクリップ簡易版(Ver0.03-naked)をQTmovで収録。
audio session:
01.Before it comes 5:37
02.stereotape (reflective mix) 2:41
+extra session:
stereotape (Ver0.03-naked) 5:22