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Firo: A solo project by Hiroyuki Tsukakoshi.
By sampling sounds of his environment, combining it with live musical instruments and elements that are purely created on the laptop, Hiroyuki Tsukakoshi creates this precise and elevating music. Through the high influence of other computer-generated music styles of today, he feels that his body and his computer act as a filter that the gathered impressions pass through. His arranging, editing and concentrating of often conflicting and accidental noises form a harmony that we can then find familiar.

Hiroyuki Tsukakoshi is part of a collective of leading Japanese Ambient music artists featured on the Water Green compilation on the Ryoondo-tea label. His live performance at the party at the famous ancient Honen-in temple in Kyoto in August 2003 was unforgettable.

He appears on PROGRESSIVE FOrM's "FORMA"- features Masakatsu Takagi and Takamasa Aoki - and is part of Patchware on demand, with Ryoichi Kurokawa and Ken'ichi Itoi of PsysEx, who has been called the most important person of the Kyoto Electronica scene(Oct 2003, Remix magazine, Japan). He has been called the most important person of the Japanease Electronica scene.

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Ssound dictionary toteClubKing : soundtote (CD-2003A)
With snoweffect and PsysEx, who also performed at the Honen-in temple, he collaborates on Tokyo Club King's experimental sound project Sound-tote.

live info

『 temperamental 』
- 4th anniversary -


Released CD

Tender grain

"Brilliant daze"
DES041 ¥2,300
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Tender grain

"Tender grain"
DES037 ¥2,300
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velvet tiny globe

"velvet tiny globe"
DES027 ¥2,600
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light court

"Light Court"
DES021 ¥2,600
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DES016 ¥2,600
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Over Flow pH3.0

"Over flow pH3.0"
DES030 ¥2,600
including:01.The holy hotsprings
02.鳴響 こけしの神事/(with Shigeya Mori)
11.cocoon system/(with MAJIO)
14.Fog and the mountain of Amrita
16.Spa on the Moon

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Over Flow pH2.0

"Over flow pH2.0"
DES035 ¥2,600
including:01.the forest of patchware "Over flow"
(with PsysEx,snoweffect)
05.Silver lining
12.Tamagoya_scape(with ironomi and Takeshi Miyamoto)
14.gotenyu station(with PsysEx,snoweffect,Coupie)
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Over Flow

"Over flow"
DES030 ¥2,600
including:01.the forest of patchware "Over flow"
(with snoweffect)
(with PsysEx)
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electronic evening

"electronic evening"
DES026 ¥2,600
including:15.Migratory Birds
16.Fruits of thought
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the best of ryoondo-tea

"the best of ryoondo-tea"
DES023 ¥2,600
including:05.Migratory Birds
13.The Knowledge(with snoweffect)
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Water green

"Water Green"
DES015 ¥2,600
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