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"from shine"

In November 2004, Ryoondo-tea label will release "from shine", the first album of "Oto-graph", an up-and-coming duo from Kyoto, creating both visual and electronic sound. Featuring remixes by Hidenobu Ito who is in the forefront of the post-Japanese Electronica scene and Firo, a solo project by Hiroyuki Tsukakoshi featured on the Water Green compilation on the Ryoondo-tea label. Their remixes aren't just a simple sum of OTOGRAPH's work but deeply impressed on our minds.

including two remixes by Firo and Hidenobu Ito

Oto-graph profile


I have excited with the ambient funk Electronica.
The sound of Oto-graph is a typical Electronica but latest type of funk music. Their expression is extremely sensitive and calculated. If you compare this music, it would be the rhythm of heartbeat of a calm sea. I hope there will be it playing all over the world for dance music, which enchants every people such as the Masais and the Japanese.


When I'm just listening to this music with my eyes closed, intricate programming beat, quivering signal wave, codes, and geometrical patterns suddenly flash across my mind. Listen and you'll do see this sound as a variety of shapes: circles, squares, triangles and so on.

[Hidenobu Ito (Elegant discs)]

Their sounds seem like diamond dust floating in the air or glittering in the sunlight on the surface of water. This kind of music sometimes reminds me of being in the Japanese rock garden or in the gap between small buildings of my favorite town, Goko-machi. A pleasant breeze would keep you cool and comfortable. Here come again the talented artists from Kyoto.


This Electronica is filled with heartrending beauty, just like a haiku poem.


Imagine the following scenario: a middle-aged movie star like Bill Murray comes to Kyoto on business. He's jet-lagged and blinking his sleep away. At last he slips out of the hotel room and walks aimlessly through the neon glitter of nighttime Gion, Kyoto's most famous geisha district -- if someone makes this story into a film, I guess their sound would be fit for its soundtrack.??

[Atsushi Horibe (Keibunsha, Ichijoji, Kyoto)]

Track list

01. jimmy chuSample MP3
02. kingyo(golden fish)Sample MP3
03. segment of a circle
04. xuan
05. closed eye experiencesSample MP3
06. j*m
07. stepping stone
08. dop
09. fragments
10. jimmy chuiFiro Remix)
11. j*m (Hidenobu Itou remix)

Sample MP3:mp3 sample