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Merging visuals with sound, Oto-graph are Takashi Iura and Sachiyo Oshima, a very talented duo from Kyoto. The group builds elaborate layers of harmonious and compelling audio that when blended with visuals, transform space into an ultimate sensory experience. The duo first called themselves Oto-graph in July of 2004. Their debut show came only a month later when they were selected to perform the Ryoondo-Tea Electronic Evening at the Kyoto Honen-in Temple.

Released CD

sounds in motion

"sounds in motion"

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from shine

"from shine"
DES019 ¥2600

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elecrtronic evening

"electronic evening

DES026 ¥2,600
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the best of ryoondo-tea

"the best of ryoondo-tea

DES023 ¥1,980
06.kingyo (soda pop mix)
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