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"Light Court"

"Light Court", 2nd album of Firo ,much huger sceel than last works will be lereased on this april!!

firo02.jpgThe thoroughly edited Auio file makes up this spiritual world of Firo.
Light court----------- four-dimentional atrium of Firo ,the beautiful electronic forest assemble the spirits of electronics.....

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Good music would have been never cared about for while it sounding . We have never found it how beautiful it is untill the music is over and disappointed. Fortunately, we are able to remember the music, so we memolize the beautiful music into our heart and the beautiful music will live in forever.
The music of Firo is similar to the death of our important person.

[KenIchiro Hoshi(snoweffect) ]


[ 香 川 功 樹 (eater)]

Firo is the musician who compose by the newest ways of programming today. He knows the power of the music moving the mind of people,and attached with expression Light court is the assemble of sense of Firo. At first it goes to tenderness and with expanssion but not into too deeply.the sound goes with good feeling, おどろかされて、なのに気付かず展開していく…。 electronic musics even thought as "cold" or "too experimental",but I think just the music of Firo shoud be basic image of electronic music.

[Ken'ichi Itoi(12k),PsysEx(daisyworld discs,ryoondo-tea),shrine)]

At first time I listened the sound of Firo is as a BGM in a car drived by Ken'ichi Itoi of PsysEx on the highway of Kyoto back from Osaka . I forgot the times by Firo's good rhythm ,which come from between the strong loudness of the engine of the car. And when I played it in my room, I forgot the rhythm by the beautiful charm of Firo's music, which disappointed by loud ness in the car.

[Rubyorla (MOROHEIYA,expoi,TENKEY,ueon)]

Track list

01.before it comes
02.Migratory birdsSample MP3
03.Polarize Sample MP3
04.Dream of the corridorsSample MP3
05. Another phase
06.Circle drop
08.Still here
09.Opaline gleam

Sample MP3mp3 sample