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Water Green

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"Water Green"

the Japanese cool summer sound The album full of cooling atmospheres; compiling cinq, Hashimoto Kazumasa, PsysEx (Ken'ichi Itoi), snoweffect, and OKI who is playing a Tonkori (a traditional instrument of the Ainu tribe from Hokaido in northern Japan to Sakhalin). Each artist takes you deeper into soundscapes of Japan, then crossing the northern sea, and uplifting further into the electronic space, carrying back a cool evening breeze to ease the hot summers.



As his solo project cinq ,he released 1st album sketch (MIDI/noble CXCA-1094) in 2001. well known as a guiterist from his eary days in Kyoto, he took part in many sessions like Kazumi Nikaido or Nishiyama Hirono's gootefolk (daysyworld discs).


Takafumi Ishikawa,Masaaki Takemura,KenIchiro Hoshi.1st album Desktop Caffeine releaced in 2001,played at Japanese pop music festival in New York in 2002.
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investiages the structures of music, synthesis, and software by programming ideas which introduce new synthesis theories and abnormal operation. The result is a very fragmented and "broken" sounding hybrid of minimalism and techno. Sharp rhythms and strange melodic hooks constructed with tuned, but non-harmonic, sounds.
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Learnt how to make and play "Tonkori", a traditional musical instrument of the Sakhalin Ainu, since 1992. His sound, which he mixes the modern sense into the Ainu tradition, has received a high praise not only within Japan, but also from foreign countries. Besides making his own albums and producing other artists, he participates in Aboriginal Indigenous People Conference, orgsanised by United Nations. He recently has spread his fiend in art and is making picture books as well. The Ainu music, its rhythm and his impromptu performance attract many people in the world.

Kazumasa Hashimoto

Kazumasa Hashimoto is a composer, mastering engineer and a web designer from Tokyo, Japan. He plays the piano from his childhood and studied composition at Tokyo College of Music (a prestigious music school) in Japan. Besides making his own tracks, he also participates in various albums as a pianist and works as a mastering engineer for several labels.

Takafumi Ishikawa

saxophone player,composer. He is well known as saxphone player at world's end girlfriend(noble) or many other sessions. Ishikawa plays important part as sound engineer in snoweffect. As known as recording project "BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS" with Kazumasa Hashimoto from 2000.

Oriental Homeward

A solo project by Miki Kuwabara.He positively approaches to western classic music and make up a beautyful oriental soundscape full of coolness. Oriental homeward,his music made up by a only nomal synthesizer, and symply produce his beautiful melody and harmony.
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A solo project by Hiroyuki Tsukakoshi. By sampling sounds of his environment, combining it with live musical instruments and elements that are purely created on the laptop, Hiroyuki Tsukakoshi creates this precise and elevating music. Through the high influence of other computer-generated music styles of today, he feels that his body and his computer act as a filter that the gathered impressions pass through. His arranging, editing and concentrating of often conflicting and accidental noises form a harmony that we can then find familiar.
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Exotic Modulation Sky

The solo unit of Tomohiro Kobayashi(effects,mixer)started from 2000 with his conception "transrate the chaothic scape into a soundscape". He plays beautiful ambience with exquisite effect barance at his live act


Sakai Takeshi born in 1980. He lives in London and Nagoya.He compose in the method of oriental soundworks,and inspired by cubism in his own Interpretation.He plays kion as band style too,this tune is ambient mix of his band style "pilgrim".

Medicine Quartz



Tazoe Takayuki. He has released his own label "Kitsune label"


A solo unit of Mikio Kato,who is well known as the member of B-2 DEP't

Track List

01.pilot / Takafumi Ishikawa
02.eolie / oriental homewardSample MP3
03.pale blue
 (a study at the riverside)/ cinq
04.hypericum / hepricumSample MP3
05.stereotape / Firo
06.#471_ii / PsysEx
07.evening cool / snoweffect
08.Rin / Exotic Modulation Sky
09.Hot Love / OKI
10.hou-kou(pilgrim ruin mix) / kion
11.BENZAITEN / MedicineQuartz
12.water green*
13.cherry blossom/ Inari
14.red talisman / Ongaku
15.finalin / Kazumasa Hashimoto
*sond gardening conception by KenIchiro Hoshi (snoweffect)+Ken'ichi Itoi (PsysEx)

Sample MP3sample mp3(mp3)